Thin (healthier) Crust Pizza

I love pizza! Who doesn’t, right? It seriously could be a staple in our household and my husband would have no problem eating it for all 3 meals a day. However, after months of weekly Jet’s pizza deliveries, it took its toll – on our bodies, that is. After determining that we needed a change and setting forth a new plan: to eat clean, we realized we had to find our pizza fix.

One weekend while at Costco the local Michigan company “Flatouts” was sampling their thin breads which can be used for pizza, wraps, baked as chips, etc. One bite and I knew this was a great replacement for our weekly pizza runs. Not only are they low in calories but there are tons of flavors available, they’re a good source of fiber, whole grains and the ingredients don’t contain a list of manmade nonsense that I can’t pronounce.

Each individual flatout pizza can be made to your liking and usually costs me less than $3 a pizza! Take that, $10 Jet’s pizza.

First, heat your oven to 425 and bake the flatout for 5 – 10 minutes depending on the desired crispness. During this time, chop up your toppings. I’m a fan of onions, artichokes, colorful peppers, roma tomatoes, and olives.


Spread tomato sauce evenly over the flatout. Kroger usually has cans of tomato sauce on sale for 60¢ but once again, Costco has them beat with the Kirkland organic tomato sauce for only 50¢ a can. You can make at least 5 pizzas from one can.

Next step is to sprinkle on your seasonings: basil, oregano, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, etc. Layer on a coat of mozzarella cheese (bag of Kroger cheese $2.50).

Add your toppings and bake until cheese is golden.

Cut up in squares, 4 slices or enjoy as one large slice.


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