DIY Wallflowers/air fresheners

Scents are one of the many ways in which I lighten my mood and decrease my stress. Nothing beats coming home to a house with the sweet scent of fresh baked cookies, vanilla or citrus fruits that remind me of my last Caribbean voyage. I’ve tried every new fad when it comes to odorizing your home: candles, incense, potpourri, aromatherapy oil burners, tart (wax) burners, sprays and plug-ins. Now that plug-ins are a safe and effective way to fragrance your home, they’re an easy alternative to striking a match.

Plug-ins can become pricy; Bath & Body Works Wallflowers can be found as cheap as $5 for a pair of refills but instead you can spend the same amount and make at least 4 of your own!

Aromatherapy oils left over from an oil burning kit


Remove refill to begin cleaning

Using a knife or fork, pry open the absorbing wick. Rinse refill till clean

Fill with your choice of essential oil(s) at least 1/3; fill remainder with water.

Enjoy your new green air freshener!


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