My herbal energy boost

20130505-223311.jpgI recently became interested in homeopathic remedies after hearing for years from friends and Dr. Oz, that these natural tinctures can do wonders.  I’m still a bit skeptical but if  it’s natural I’m willing to try out it’s claim to fame.

Suffering from too much work and not enough time in the day I usually feel exhausted half way through the day.  That’s where Rhodiola chimes in.  Rhodiola Rosea also known as golden root or rose root is known for treating depression, fatigue and cancer (hmm, I really wonder).  If you try Rhodiola don’t expect it to be your cure all but I have noticed that it does help me during that half a day downward spiral.

I add one dropper full to an 8 oz. glass of ice cold water.  The flavor and scent wakes me up, tasting like flowers and it gives me a bit of an energy boost without any side effects or much needed caffeine.


Know of any other natural remedies to fight exhaustion, please share your comments below!


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