Founding Farmers

ff_logoLast week I went to one of the best restaurants for brunch in the Washington D.C. metro area – Potomac, MD to be exact.  Founding Farmers is far different than any other restaurant, the restaurant has a modern vibe with a rustic touch of décor.  Half n half is served in a mini milk carton shaped metal container and the fork and knives have a unique rustic print.  The restaurant prides itself in providing green, sustainable food, ensuring that all of the ingredients come straight from the farm to your plate.

The menu is a delicious twist on American classics:  red velvet PFFpancakes, pastrami hash, waffles, French toast, crab eggs benedict, scrambles, etc.   You get to enjoy these classics with a choice of biscuits, multi-grain breads, and/or leek hash browns.  Personally, I aimed for staying healthy and treated myself to the Drag Through The Garden ($10) which came with the leek hash browns and a biscuit.  But before indulging in my breakfast, I highly recommend trying their coffee.


Working for Starbucks many of years in my past, I became quite the coffee connoisseur 20130602-170740.jpgand I’d love to know what kind of Arabica coffee beans Founding Farmers uses for their daily brew.  Even my brother who’s not much of a coffee drinker enjoys a cup – enough said!  My brunch eggs were scrambled with egg whites, white cheddar cheese, spinach and roasted veggies (tomatoes, peppers, carrots, onions, etc.)  By far the best scramble I have had.  My brother indulged in the red velvet pancakes ($8) and their glazed bacon but since the servings are pretty large he couldn’t manage to eat it all.

20130602-170830.jpgPlease leave me a comment and on what I should order the next time I’m in.


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