Georgetown Cupcakes

logo store_georgetownYou may have watched DC cupcakes on The Learning Channel but in case you haven’t, Georgetown Cupcakes is a nationally known designer cupcake store featuring some of the most delicious creations I have seen.  There are so many fanatics that when the Georgetown store opens you can always expect to see a line.  Who would have thought that people are that crazy about these cupcakes they wait in line for breakfast?!?  Yes, my brother and I were crazy enough to wait 15 minutes in line but that’s not bad to try out these cupcakes everyone was raving about, besides we were in the area anyhow checking out CB2 and Flor.  The wait was well worth it even though I  was hoping the cupcakes were a bit larger than your normal, made at home size.

DC Cupcakes

The store is extremely cute inside and they only allow a couple people to enter at once due to the size.  Their menu changes daily which is passed out in line so that you’re ready to order upon entering.  What I thought was the icing on the cake, was that you actually get to watch about 6 of the employees creating and icing the cupcakes.  I could stand there all day, watching their exquisite fondant techniques and super fast icing design.

More cupcakes!

Cupcake stand

For a little over $5 my brother and I indulged in Red Velvet &  Peanut Butter Fudge cupcakes.  It was hard to choose from the wide selection!

Red velvet and peanut butter fudge cupcakes*NOTE:  Georgetown cupcakes also has stores in LA, Soho New York, Miami, etc.*


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