Eastern Market, Washington D.C.

home1Eastern market is located in the historic area of Capitol Hill and is home to one of the greatest pickle stands.  I tried the hot & spicy pickles since I wasn’t sure whether I could with stand the heat from the habanero or wasabi pickle bins.  I had no idea that I was ordering 3 juicy pickles speared on a stick and needless to say it took me a little while to eat since they were spicy but well worth itEM%20FrontBesides a couple food trucks, arts & craft oddities, Eastern market resembles many of others.  But I do love the variety of meats and fish that can be found in the North Hall, indoor area.

3 pickles on a stick!

Eastern Market is located at 225 7th Street SE, Washington, DC, 20003

Hours of Operation

Tuesday to Friday – 7am – 7pm

Saturday –  7am – 6pm

Sunday –  9am – 5pm

Monday – CLOSED



2 thoughts on “Eastern Market, Washington D.C.

  1. I love Eastern Market and the Capitol Hill neighborhood. My sister moved out there last year, so I’ve been spending quite a bit of time there. If you go to the farmer’s market right before closing, you can get some pretty amazing deals…I got two bags of produce for $8. I recently did a little “photographic journey” of Eastern Market on my blog. Feel free to check it out! http://anomadslife.wordpress.com/category/d-c/orange-line-project/

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