Friday Freebies

Living a healthy life style isn’t just about eating well, staying active, meditating or being in-tune with one’s self but living in a manner where you don’t have the stress of financial worries or you at least have the ability to control them, being at ease. I recently began re-evaluating my financial life style and realized that at times I was living beyond my needs, paying full price for everything I consumed! When I began eating healthier, the financial waste didn’t stop.
I knew there had to be a better way and so I began educating myself on ways to save. Over the last year, maybe more so, since I began this blog I have saved $100’s. I no longer pay full price for hardly anything. Yes, I have become the coupon queen – so my husband says, but the little bit of time it takes clipping coupons and doing a quick search online for a better deal saves us in the long run; making it time worth spent.

Here are some things I no longer pay for (as in free!) due to my newly acquired saving skills:
Home fragrance
Misc. food items

You’re probably wondering how I get away with not paying for these items so I’m going to finally share with you my tips and beginning every Friday I’ll show you what I received, free over the past week. Every Friday you can look forward to seeing what I’ve been able to either grab at the store or have received via mail for free! Here’s an example of what I got last week:

8/2/13 Friday Freebies

8/2/13 Friday Freebies pic 2


I save most of my money due to smart shopping with coupons. I clip every single coupon I come across – most time-consuming part of my routine. Every coupon is organized in a portable hand filing envelope, making it easy to search for coupons when need be. Keep in mind coupons are not found just in the Sundays news; the web and your smart phone have tons of great electronic coupons. However, I’m not like some radical shoppers printing and clipping every single online coupon. I usually find out about great deals through my online sources, leading me to exact coupons I need to print in order to score a great deal.

Try these for coupons:

Secondly, I use the below sources to help me efficiently use my coupons and score freebies. I work over 40 hours a week so I don’t have the time to waste on matching coupons, etc. These sources have newsletters which keep me updated on the great deals out there. I scroll through an e-mail, glancing at this week’s deals and then can resort to my organized coupons, picking out exactly what’s needed.

If you have spare time, these sources below focus on freebies but some involve the completion of surveys, liking Facebook pages or completing a giveaway entry.

Lastly, I don’t have a financial planner so I keep track of everything on my own and I’m always looking for advice. I try to charge everything, yet I always pay off my plastic’s full balance. By taking advantage of credit cards I use certain ones for specific purchases and gain at least 5% back on my purchases which adds up to A LOT of rewards. If you can control your wallet take advantage of credit cards that provide the 5% back on groceries, gas, clothing stores, etc. Sometimes it can be hard to manage but if you write on the card which is to be used for what purchase you’ll never miss out. I also recommend analyzing your spending as in using a program to determine where your monies are being spent. I’ve used quicken in the past but I’m not a fan of paying for software so I tried out Mint and I’ve had no concerns with the privacy of my personal information having used for almost 3 years now. Mint helps me to analyze my overall spending, create budgets and check off goals. For other tips and tricks on finances, check out LearnVest and Clark Howard. Both have great advice as well as newsletters to help you asses your financial needs.

Hope these tips help ease your pocketbook and don’t forget to provide your feedback on how you live like a frugalista!


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