Breakfast Crescents with Lox

Breakfast crescentsThis morning I made these crescent rolls for breakfast as I was scrambling around the kitchen trying to piece something tasty together. Having some extra Pillsbury crescent rolls handy from a $1/ea. sale at Kroger I decided to stuff the rolls with eggs and a twist – smoked salmon.  These turned out great and while they were baking it freed up just enough time to finish getting ready for work.  You could stuff these rolls with any delicacy, so be adventurous!  This week I may try eggs and bacon and for dessert – chocolate and marshmallows with crumbled graham crackers, smores anyone?

What you’ll need:

  • one can of Pillsbury crescent rolls
  • scrambled eggs (I used 1 egg for every 2 rolls
  • shredded cheese of your liking
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • smoked salmon

What to do:

While scrambling the eggs, begin unrolling and laying out your rolls on a baking sheet.  Pre-heat your oven as directed by the cans instructions.

Egg and cheese breakfast crescent

Once eggs are scrambled, place 1 tablespoon of eggs onto 1 roll.  Sprinkle the open roll with cheese salt and pepper or add in your special ingredients.  You can also make a larger roll by using 2 attached rolls – works best when using a lot of ingredients.

Open face breakfast crescent

Begin rolling the crescent, try to avoid allowing the stuffing contents to spill out.

Baked breakfast crescent with lox

Bake in the oven as directed by the cans instructions and remove once golden brown.

Breakfast crescent with a side of smoked salmon

Garnish with some fresh chives and more cheese, then bon appetite!

Heavenly stuffed


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